Western Anaesthesia Symposium

April 5th/6th 2019

Glenlo Abbey Hotel LOCATION
Glenlo Abbey Hotel,

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40th Anniversary

Trainees are invited to submit abstracts of intersting cases for oral presentation. Please send abstract (max 1 page) to leo.kevin@hse.ie

Guest speakers will include:

Dr Gareth Ackland (London, UK)
Dr Brian Kinirons (President College of Anaesthesiologists)
Dr Nuala Lucas (London, UK)
Professor Andrew Ochroch (Philadelphia, USA)
Dr Donall O'Croinin (Cork)
Professor Anders Perner (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Professor Stephanie Snow (Manchester, UK)


Friday April 5th

Meeting starts 14:30
Clinical Forum Patrick Neligan and Leo Kevin

Quick-fire talks Is your Intensive Care practice up to date?
1. Michael Hurley. Airway management in ICU: is it really so different?
2. John Laffey. Is it OK to use non-invasive ventilation in ARDS?
3. John Bates. How much about acid-base do I really need to know?
4. Anders Perner. Prophylactic measures in the ICU

Coffee Break / Trade exhibition

Quick-fire talks Is your Intensive Care practice up to date?
1. Donall O'Croinin. Is Rapid Sequence Induction dead?
2. Gareth Ackland. Intra-operative blood pressure – should I have a target?
3. Andrew Ochroch. Liposomal bupivacaine for longer-lasting blocks
4. Nuala Lucas. My obstetric patient has a platelet count of 50 – can I do an epidural?

Plenary lecture
Stephanie Snow, Manchester University
John Snow and the making of the anaesthetist

CAT drinks reception

Buffet supper

Saturday April 6th

Meeting starts 08:00

O'Beirne Costello medal (case presentations)
Andrew Ochroch Perioperative beta-blockers and statins - where do we stand in 2019?
Gareth Ackland Why troponin matters in surgical patients
Anders Perner Are fluids really that useful in septic shock?
Nuala Lucas GA in obstetrics: bringing it into the 21st century

The Galway soap-box
1. Patrick Neligan. "Don't make me get mad: your patient does not need to come into ICU!"
2. Brian Kinirons. The Scally Report: implications for anaesthesiologists

Core topics in anaesthesia
Leo Kevin. The insulin dependent diabetic: peri-operative care in 2019
Mark Ross. Endotracheal tube selection in paediatrics
Michael Hurley. Modern use of TIVA